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Stuck at home again

A chocolate honeybun for breakfast. Yeah, I'm on a roll today. LOL

Being unemployed sucks, even if it's temporary.

Hasn't been shit on TV, subsisting on Supernatural reruns. The first couple of years were so much better than the last season. Need to ditch the angels & demons, they've run it into the ground and come close to putting me off my favorite show.

Anybody watching The Gates or Scoundrals or Pretty Little Liars?
I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles this season. I'm even feeling kindly towards Sarah herself even though she seemingly has been demoted to babysitter. At least it sometimes shows a better side of her. I liked the interaction between her and the boy...holes in my brain, I've already forgotten the kid's name...and how he seemed to understand her in a strange way.

And lots and lots of Derek tonight! I liked very much, even with his sad deer story and gross guts-spilling-out-of-friend story. I liked the flashbacks.

John fit well in this story with the military school. I wish he'd lighten up though.

He likes the crusts cut off. Way to go, Cameron. Get another little jab in.:)

I think I watch too much television...

I'll have to make a list...I can't keep up...


Hmmmmm...free night??? Surely not.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - I'm really liking it this season!
Prison Break - I'm confused so far...and I wasn't traumatized when I slept through an episode so perhaps the love affair has cooled.:(
Heroes - I missed some last season so there are things I don't understand...but I'm still interested enough to keep watching.
Life - I like it! But it's switching nights...
Saving Grace - Missed some shows...
The Closer - Also missed some of these...


Fringe - A new favorite, love the possible Peter/Olivia pairing and Walter too, and it's so mysterious.:)
The Mentalist - Oh YES.:) Check out my community, mentalist_fans.
Eli Stone - No new shows yet...
Without a Trace - My interest has been renewed.:)


Bones - Supposedly THIS is the season for Bones & Booth togetherness...I'm hanging on to that thought.
Pushing Daisies - I lost track before the end of last season but will probably try to renew my interest.


Smallville - SAM WITWER!!! Yes, I will watch again even though there's no Lex.
Supernatural - YES, YES, YES!!! I will forever be a Dean girl.:)
CSI - No new shows yet but OMG, Warwick is DEAD...
Eleventh Hour - Is not on yet but RUFUS SEWELL could make anything interesting.:)
Life on Mars - I'm not as sure about this...is supposed to premiere this week.
Burn Notice - I'm in love, but I don't know if it's with Michael or Fiona.:)
Flashpoint - I keep missing...


Ghost Whisperer - I'nm a new fan since seeing a couple of last season's shows.
Crusoe - I don't know...but I'll watch it at least once to see.
The Clone Wars - Oh, yes, Star Wars fan til the day I die.
Life - WHY are they moving it to Fridays? That can't be good...
Numbers - I didn't watch last season and can't decide whether to make an effort to see it this season...



Okay, I'm missing BBC's Robin Hood, has the new season started and where is it???
Christian Bale is John Connnor. In Terminator 4. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that. Not that I think it's a bad casting, I do not, but it's taking some getting used to after watching serious Bruce Wayne and moody teen John Connor from the TV series. There's a trailer floating around but it's short and doesn't let you see much.

It's officially October! I set a pumpkin out on the front porch. It's lonely but I'll give it some friends soon.

Pushing Daisies tonight? It's what I have jotted down but I haven't seen previews. Bones will be good though.

What have I been doing...not very much

Very tired today...

Let's see...what's been happening.

New movie I saw...The Dark Knight. It was STUNNING. Heath Ledger is every bit as great as they said he was. Christian Bale also fit into his role as Batman/Bruce much better this time around.

What I want to see this weekend...X-Files. I'm hoping to find somebody to go with me, the fan base seems to have dwindled down around here in recent years.

New TV shows I like...Flashpoint. It's a Canadian cop show on CBS, very good. I found some info at flashpoint_fans and there's official sites for both Canada and the U.S. And In Plain Sight, amazing characters, I joined inplainsightcom.

What I've read...nothing. That's sad.
I wrote this for starwarsficfest using this prompt: OT, Luke/Mon Mothma: it's good to know the Jedi aren't all gone--memories are made of this.

Title: Memories of a First Meeting
Author: gray_paladin
Fandom: Star Wars OT
Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mon Mothma
Rating: Rated G
Word Count: About 2393
Disclaimers: I do not own these characters.
Summary: Luke Skywalker meets Alliance leader Mon Mothma for the first time.

Memories of a First MeetingCollapse )
Busy, busy all yesterday with company and family things and a party and I was tired out by 9:00 PM.:) I thought I was going to watch a little TV but fell asleep on the sofa and woke up sometime in the middle of the night in a very uncomfortable position, neck crooked, mouth must have been wide open cause it was all dried out. Hobbled to the bathroom and then back to the kitchen for water and kind of don't remember getting in bed but I must have cause that's where I was this morning.

Today I have to help a friend pack before she goes on a short trip.

Friday Five questions...

From thefridayfive:

1. If you could change one life-changing event in the life of someone important to you, would you?

Yes, I would be very tempted to do so. My mother had a child that died before my siblings and I were born. She has never gotten over this tragedy and the child might have lived if better medical care had been available at that time. I would also like to have know this unknown "big sister" and I think if I could change this event I would.

2. Which do you think is easier to do, being friends for many years, or being life partners for many years?

I think it's easier being friends. Sure you argue and hurt each others feelings but most of the time still stay friends. With a partner, the feelings are different and often things said or done damage the relationship irreparably.

3. Have you ever walked away from someone you considered a friend?

Yes, because she was destroying her life with her actions and her addictions and I had to remove myself from her when I felt it endangering my own life. And in a way, she was already seeing me as an enemy because she knew how she had changed and was appearing to me, and I think she couldn't face that.

4. If you had to choose between telling the truth and hurting a friend or lying and making them happy, which would you choose?

If it was telling them what I thought about a new pair of ugly shoes or a new haircut or something like that, I might would lie. But if it's something more important than that it's better to tell the truth or you're not really a friend. And lies always come back to haunt you.

5. Which would you rather hear--the truth which will hurt, or the comforting lie?

Well, I'd probably rather hear the lie but I'd prefer the truth. There's nothing worse than finding out a friend or family member knew something that you needed to know and they didn't tell you.
I don't feel well and I can't sleep. I started feeling bad on the way back from my brother's and now I'm all hot and my head hurts.

When I got home that new show was on...I think it's called Fear Inside?...I'm not sure now though. I saw bits and pieces of it. Interesting concept and certainly spooky and unsettling at times. And I missed both Smallville and Supernatural. Reruns I'm sure but I'd still watch Dean Winchester at any time.

My brother gave me some CD's and some books. Apparently he's trying to do away with a lot of his before-marriage stuff. I think he's afraid the wife will think he's immature.:) I haven't really looked through it all but I will tomorrow.

I was serenaded awake...well, kind of...

I woke this morning to the blare of my radio/clock. Funny thing is I don't remember setting it and certainly not the radio part. I rarely even use the alarm, I don't sleep late and usually wake up automatically at a certain time for work. Maybe my cat set it.:)

Yesterday I almost got a ticket but some unfortunate person zoomed by at an intercection and the cop who was glaring at me took off after him. So you know the rest of the time I crept along at an old lady pace and almost got myself run over.

I'm suppose to drive to my brother's this evening and have dinner and spend the night. If the roads are clear it takes about 2 hours to get there but the last time I went, coming back there was an accident that brought us all to a standstill for well over an hour. So I need to start early. That area of the interstate seems to be getting very dangerous with accidents all day long, very serious accidents too. But have you noticed it seems there are more and more people, not like just a few years ago. I know the population's increasing but I guess everyone has a car now and everyone travels more than they used to.

Oh well, I need to get busy...

Morning again and going shopping...

Good morning again. I'm going shopping today to get all those things I forgot the last time because I forgot my list. And I'm hoping to buy some new capris and a nicce top for something I'm going to this weekend. I've noticed that the last pieces of clothing I've bought aren't holding up very well, they seem to fade quickly and are fraying around the edges. Cheaply made I suppose and made who knows where.

It's still a little overcast, I wouldn't mind if it stayed that way until my shopping's done. I thought of asking a friend to go with me but then we'd talk and the shopping would go slowly and then we'd have to get lunch and the more I thought about it the more I decided I wasn't in a friendly enough mood so I didn't call her.
I woke up and it was raining, just drizzling but cloudy and cooler. I hope it stays this way all day but I think it won't.

A friend and I drove around yesterday evening before services to look around. You know there are several buildings that weren't replaced after the storms and more houses empty and for sale than there has been before. I saw two houses I wish I could afford, I love the way they're built, they just need tidying up, they have so much potential and could be so beautiful. Dreams.

My cat is showing a suspicious interest in the bird this morning. It's been at least a year since he tried to bother her so I don't know why the sudden interest again. Just being a cat I suppose. A mother cat and three half-grown kittens have been coming up to the back yard every evening. I feed them, they seem to prefer the leftover real food instead of what I feed my cat. They eat and then go somewhere else. There's a skinny gray one with funny pale yellow eyes, he's braver than the rest and will sit and listen while I talk to him, the others run and hide.


Sunday morning and still draggy...

Pancakes for breakfast, if I knew you I'd invite you over cause I made too many.

There's a lot going on this week in regards to work and family things and planning a birthday party for a friend. Financial matters to get straight which is the most horrible for me to figure out.

It's HOT today, stifling hot with no air moving. When you walk out of the house you immediately sweat. There's no cool sea breeze this morning. A few clouds going over, maybe it'll rain again.

I finished Jedi Twilight last night, couldn't go to bed without knowing what will happen. But since it's the first book of three there was no real ending. I'm not sure when the next book will be out, hopefully it will be soon before I forget all the details of this one.

I bought another paperback about Agent Pendergast, one of my favorite characters, can't remember what the book's called though and I'm too sluggish this morning to hunt it up to get the title. Maybe I'll read on it later.


Today was a very quiet day which was what I needed. I mowed the strip of grass in the back yard but nothing else. That piece grows much faster because I have flower and vegetable beds lining it and so always have the sprinkler going on them. I have zinnias and sunflowers and Mexican petunia blooming, very lovely to see.

I cooked a small roast, smeared BBQ sauce on top which many people will say don't do but I like it that way. I cooked fresh squash and okra and peas. Now I have my eye on a canteloupe that I put in the fridge to chill.

Then I read a little. Yesterday I found Michael Reaves' paperback, Jedi Twilight, at the local store. Surprising since I've had to order the last two books since I can never find them locally. But the book is the first part of a trilogy and I really like it. I'm already about 2/3 finished even with all the stopping and starting. And the characters I like the best are the ones I'd never heard of...the droid I-5YQ, Den, and even the characters who aren't really the "good guys" like Rhinann and Kaird. Laranth and Nick are interesting but so far Jax Pavan is not impressing me, he's a little too whiny for a supposed Jedi.

I found an old book of poetry when I was cleaning out our storage shed a couple of days ago, I don't know who it once belonged to but I brought it in to read. I've been picking out a few poems here and there in it that I'd heard before but didn't know who the author was.

Along The Road

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chattered all the way,
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow
And ne'er a word said she;
But oh, the things I learned from her
When Sorrow walked with me!